Prisoners planning prison break in Jamaica.

Jamaica how be it that a tunnel is now found at one of our most common state prison . Where were the Authorized authority when that were building or constructed? Isn’t this rather susppecious? What is really happening here? An under ground tunnel! The head of security is not doing their job how comes prisoner find time to build a under ground tunnel. ” prisoners planning prison break”.

rivival of man soul

it is time for us to look back in our life and start worshiping god it not by self that we are here but of spiritual nature that goes beyond our understanding ,God the supreme beem ,we owe it all to him ,this world is fluctuate with sinful behavior .

Let us renew our state of mined form a body of love, humility,kindness ,forgiveness, peace ,step to the man with the supernatual power and revive our soul from hell.